A Primeval Awakening (Open to all)

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A Primeval Awakening (Open to all)

Post  ShadowoftheWarriorx on Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:04 pm

The sinewy shadows and restless boughs of the forests shuddered and sighed, wavering relentlessly against the nighttime tempest that squalled like a vicious beast of the depth.
Vast ocean crashed and surged in the distance, battling against the serpentine tendrils of wind that lashed out on the surface of every living and nonliving thing alike. The winds and rain alike rushed much like a tsunami over the of scattered evergreens and deciduous timber whose boisterous canopy spilled recklessly into the cloudy night sky, reaching up into the indigo canvas of star strewn fields.

Goliath this terrain was; To the gatherings of ancient trees to the hidden cavers deep within the large cliffs; each were peculiar and distinctive, clearly displaying a unique personality that set them apart from one another. These trees and terrain were the guardians who had seen the passing of time, yet stood resolute in their task: they were the eternal historians who chaperoned each passing moment with baited breath. The wooded ancients counted every century with each gnarled branch, and each story forgotten and untold was etched into the cliffs like a scars on a weary elder. They alone knew the truths within the lies, the stories left untold, and the paramount importance of the inconsequential.

But then a new atmosphere crept into the four corners of the land, quieting the howling tempest as a few rays of the sunrise peeked shyly over the mountainous horizon. A pulsation rippled through the very air in a steady beat as if the air itself acquired a heartbeat of its own. In the far distance, a brace of mighty wings pulsed against the dying tempest winds, carrying the titan they served through the air with little effort.

The colossal shadow cast upon the ground below was thrown down by none other than a Dragon; Sharp irises of gold and red scanned the area below with striking precision and accuracy as the Dire circled the area for the final time. Kaida, the Ryujun Empress of Nightwing, has returned. The dragoness was seeking out a new home for her once-powerful Draconian Empire, and had founded this place in her hope..

The thick, leathery membranes thrummed against the winds as they pulsated forward in several swift beats, slowing the bulk of the dragoness and shifting her to an appropriate angle for landing.The chosen ledge groaned strenuously and cracked beneath the weight of the massive Dire, yet curved talons held fast onto the rock, steadying the Dragoness as she brought forth her wings and folded them loosely to her rippling sides. The sun was now rising, licking up the former shadows that clung to this land like a plague.

There was a saying that a new sunrise summons forth new hope; Kaida hoped that the phrase rung true for the sake of her people; Too long has she been dormant, how negligent of her to neglect her family and allow her mighty Empire to crumble after their former territory had fallen into the abyss of destruction.

She had spent days, weeks even, scanning this new area from corner to corner and fixing it up for future use of others. This was her territory now; her home. Kaida hoped that this new territory would be worthy of becoming the new dwelling place of Nightwing, and prayed that her family and loved ones alike would find it without conflicts in their migration. She knew recovering her entire Empire and building it back to its fullest extent was a long shot to say the least, but it was a shot she was willing to stand for.

Powerful jowls parted as a bellowing roar ripped from the reptilian’s throat. The roar bounced and echoed through the vast, undomesticated territory, calling whoever was out there; Calling her family home…

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