Nations and Divisions (WIP)

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Nations and Divisions (WIP)

Post  ShadowoftheWarriorx on Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:46 am

~ Work In Progress ~

The Nations;
The Fire Nation is located on the upper West side of the Nightwing territory. It has a small chain of forested mountians as a boundary between it and the borderlining Earth nation.
The lands are rocky and warm, yet cool enough to walk upon and for small shrubs to grow. Flame bursts out of various areas of the ground like hot springs, so great caution must be taken.
Volcanoes and non-active mountains scatter the area, and hidden underneath this territory are volcano-like structures. Firey caverns and cave-like structures create a massive maze underground. This territory is very dangerous to those not accustomed to extreme heat.

The Earth and Wind Nation lies on the lower west side of the territory, borderlining the northern Fire Nation, and touching the southernmost Demon and Shadow Nation. The Earth and Wind Nation is a rather peaceful place, but the dragon folk dwelling within are anything but peaceful.
Majestic mountains, ancient forests, wide boulders, vital veins of rivers and lakes, and endless grasslands make up the stunning lands of the Earth Nation.
Our theme song is "Protectors of the Earth" by Two Steps From Hell.
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-- M E M B E R S --

Leader of the ___ Nation: n/a

- D r a c o n i a n . F o l k -


- W a r . B e a s t s -


- E q u i n e . F o l k -


- O t h e r . B e a s t s -
[Will add more categories once more join].


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