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Website Tutorial and Q&A

Post  ShadowoftheWarriorx on Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:49 pm

Consider this the "instruction manual" to this website, because believe me when I say that forums are confusing for first-time users.

Please let me know if I missed anything~

Why does the description at the top of the home page end at "Under"?
Well.... when I first created this forum, there was a little box that allowed me to put a little description at the top. However.. it didn't say anything about a text limit, and I have yet to figure out how to fix it v___v;
It was supposed read:

Welcome to a world beyond your imagination, where beasts whispered only in myths roam liberally within vast, enigmatic territory. Comrades are kept under shielding wings while strangers are kept under watchful eyes.
Welcome one, welcome all to the Nightwing Empire

My Account
Here is a view of your task bar:

Home: The 'Home' button redirects you to the main forum page

Calendar: The website's calendar, you can see future updates and events in this tab; including birthdays, meetings, and other events. Whenever you want something up there. Feel free to contact the Admin to put it up in the Calendar.

FAQ: is a system created by the Forumotion company, where your questions that cannot be answered by the Head Admin can be answered here.

Search: Allows you to... search things.

Members: This tab will show the list of members that are registered to the site.

Groups: This is like the Member tab, only it organizes the users in their set groups. On here, you can see who is the Admin, the Moderators (mods), users, and pending users.

Profile: This tab is important for you and for your use. Here, you can edit your Avatar, Friends, Infos, profiles, and Signatures.

Private Messages: Here is wher you can private message your friends and other users, Pay attention though, this thing changes whenever you receive a new message. Like this....

And then of course, the "Log out [username]" link. I assumed that was too self-explantory to add.

The Chatbox
There is a Chatbox that is open to the public located at the bottom of the forum homepage. All you need to do for that is click "log in" and start chatting.

Please be aware that Admins are able of kicking you out and / or banning you from the chat for misbehavior.

Coming soon:

Character sheets

Starting a topic

Replying to a post


What is the job of an Admin?
The Administrator, or "Admin", is the person who runs the form. They are capable of editing the appearance and topics, managing the users, approving character sheets, and making sure the system, the roleplaying, and everything else is runing smoothly. The Admins, in this case, are the Matriarch and the Dragon who is second-in-command of the 'Empire'. Do not be afraid to come to the Admins for anything you need. We won't bite... much Wink

What is the job of a Moderator?
The title of a Moderator, or "Mod", is appointed to ONLY the Nation Leaders.

Moderators are in charge of managing topics in their category, approving character sheets of the creatures applying for their Nations, and making sure the rules are being followed throughout the website.

Why do I need to post a charcter sheet?
Character sheets are needed to describe your character(s) without needng to take up space with a personal profile. You are able to add whatever you want (pictures, fonts, etc.) in whatever format you want (As long as it's readable) Click HERE for the required character template, and HERE* for an exaple of a filled charcter sheet. Remember to be as detailed as possible!

* = Character sheet example coming soon

Why do I have to have a charcter sheet?
Character submissions need to be made for several reasons:

1. It shows us first-hand your stye of writing and how you roleplay
2. It allows Nation leaders to keep track of who's in their Nation
3. It allows chance for you to gain friendly feedback and suggestions from people who may be more experienced in roleplay.

Can I change / edit my character sheet after it's been approved?
Of course! Just as long as you keep the same character the application had before. All you need to do is hit "edit".

What if I don't want to / don't know how to roleplay novel style?
Well... that could be a little conflicting. For those of you who don't know, Novel style is ditching the symbols and adding quotation marks.

It also includes NO text-talking, NO one-line or one-sentence reply, and essay-worthy grammar, punctuation, and all that sha-bang. Now, we all make typos and spelling mistakes, and that's perfectly fine. However, that doesn't mean anyone wants to see every other word misspelled. If you make a mistake, there's always that 'edit' button at the top of a message.

Here are some examples of what is NOT allowed:

Hi im kaida the dire dragon, how are u?
(( No quotation marks for one thing. Text talk, no caps on appropriate areas, and complete unoriginality. ))

*U c a giant dragn walken around the place & she stops n looks @ u*
((Okay, text talk = one of my biggest pet peeves. Don't ever go there. There are no * allowed in novel-style, and the spelling.... dear Lord x____x;
And again with the complete unoriginality. I personally don't want to see any "You see a __" replies. I can say what my characters see on my own, thank you very much.))

((...Pretty self-explanatory. Sure, quotation marks were used, but one-worded replies are a big no-no. It doesn't give your roleplay partner anything to work off of.))

Instead of this somewhat acceptable reply:

Kaida growls and bares her fangs. "No."

Try this:

Kaida's upper lip curled upward, baring razor incisors that gleamed dangerously against the rays of light. A low growl slithered past those bared fangs that sent ripples through the ground. "No.."

See? The second example is short and simple, but MUCH more acceptable as a reply.

Okay, so you get the gist. I'm not saying every single one of your replies has to be long and perfect, it all depends on who you are roleplaying with.
But please at least try to be a bit detailed to allow other roleplayers to fully understand what you are talking about.

Can my character start a pack / clan too?
Yes, you can. However, there are a few minor things I would like to point out.

Let's pretend your character is a wolf and you want to start a pack with other wolf roleplayers, you will need to let the Admin know. I will be able to attach a subforum for the terrtory of he wolf pack to their Nation of choice.

If you are a dragon who wishes to create their on clan, then so be it. However, you must move your clan to a seperate forum website, but link Nightwing as the main forum.

You must also find your own roleplayers for that forum: Kaida will be quite displeased to say the least if she finds out another Dragon is trying to steal the members of her Empire for their own benefit.

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