Website Rules (PLEASE READ)

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Website Rules (PLEASE READ)

Post  ShadowoftheWarriorx on Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:50 pm

Welome to the Nightwing Draconian Empire Roleplay-Group.

The list below is all of the rules I, and the community, are expecting you to follow while using this site. If the rules are not followed, the conflicting user or users will be verbally warned, then ultimately banned from this site. Misconduct is NOT ACCEPTED.

1. Respect is a MUST for this website. No matter what member rank they are, being respectful of other users will earn you respect in return. Please CLICK HERE to view the rules of Hierarchy.

2. Please keep all roleplay posts at an appropriate level; Please move smut to private messages~ Oh, and... cussing is allowed, motherfuckers. Just don't overuse it.

3. Please make all roleplay posts and messages literate. Unless you don't speak the English language, you are expected to properly use grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

4. All roleplay posts, no matter what your previous style, must be written in novel format. This means using complete sentences, correct grammar, thorough descriptions, and paragraph format. For an example of this, consult a fiction novel. ABSOLUTELY NO GODMODDING.

5. No spamming, trolling, cyber-bullying, etc. PERIOD. Those guilty of such will be banned.

6. If you get into an out-of-character argument with another user, please carry it out in Private Messages. The Chatbox is not the place to express discontent and it's not fair if the uninvolved users have to experience it.

7. If a user is banned. They are banned. No arguments against the Admin's choice will be accepted. Failure to understand this may result in said user's own banishment.

8. Users are allowed ONE account, and ONE account only. However, you are permitted to have multiple roleplay characters.

9. Users are allowed ONE main character, and FOUR "Side" characters. (For example, if I wanted to have a werewolf character, Kaida will be my "Main character", and the werewolf will be among the "other" characters.) Side characters are still required to have an application.

10. No crude images or literature are to be posted in the Miscellaneous files. If so, the submission will be deleted and the user informed of their misconduct by written warning.

11. Read all the rules and review the regulations for character submissions before submitting anything.

12. OBEY THE RULES!!! Failure to obey the rules will result in punishment and your removal from this site. So please do your best to follow all of these rules and regulations.

Thank you for reviewing this content. You are now one step closer to becoming an active member of this site. Please read the file on Character Submissions before submitting applications. And once again, THANK YOU.

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